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My Story, Part 1

Posted on April 21, 2010 at 3:42 PM Comments comments (8)

Hey. I’m Aurélie, I’m 19 and I love kicking guys in the balls. Me and my friend Natasha bust the guys at school daily. We’ve become so notorious amongst the guys they started calling us the ballbusting sisters allthough we are not related at all.

I’ve been doing and loving it since I was very young. I grew up with two older brothers so I had to defend myself. I was about 8 when I found out about a boys weakness and I’ve been taking advantage off it ever since. I learned about it at school. I saw one off the older girls kick a guy in the balls and he went down immediatly. I found it fascinating that a girl can floor a guy, allmost double her size, with one kick. So I asked one off my brothers about it that night and he told me all about a guys balls and how vurnable they are. I found it weird that guys, who I thought were a lot stronger, would have such a big weakness. I even asked him if I could see his balls. Ofcourse he refused but I was 8, I didn’t know any better.

After that my brothers recieved the worst off it throughout the years. Especially when we were younger. Going after their balls was my favorite thing to do to pass the time. I remember when I was 11, me and my youngest brother Anthony , he’s 2 years older then me, were wrestling in the back yard. At a certain point he’s lying on his back with his legs down and lightly spread. I stood a few metres infront off him. I ran towards him, jumped up and dropped my knee together with my entire weight in his balls. He turned very pale and started screaming and crying at the same time. I got off him and he started rolling around on the ground, clutching his sore balls. It was so funny. I think I laughed the entire time he was rolling around, which was at least 15 minutes.

2 years later on vacation in the summer, we were hanging out at the beach. My older brother  Christophe, he’s 3 years older then me, just came out off the ocean and lay down beside me. He was wearing a thin swimshort wich was sticking to his body now and made the outline off his cock and balls very clear. My parents were gone getting drinks and my other brother was still swimming. I couldn’t ressist, I slapped him in the balls, immediately grabbed hold off them and squeezed as hard as I could. He let out a very high pitched scream and I layed back down, pretending nothing happened. Everyone was looking at us. I couldn’t hold my laugh. I tried to but it was just too funny. A lot off people with a confusing look, some guys that got what just happened with a somewhat shocked look and a few girls and women with a big smile on their face.  I rolled over to my stomach and laughed for several minutes, trying to hide it by hiding in my beachtowel.  Later that vancation he got me back by pulling my bikini bottoms all the way down right infront of the hotel’s podium. There were about 50 people having a drink and a bunch off kids our age running around who all got a nice look at my pussy.

The boys at school received their fair share to ofcourse. Especially when I met Natasha in the first year of high school. We already talked a few times and got along pretty well. But then she noticed I was constantly kicking guys in their balls and she approached me on it. She was very thrilled to hear me say I was doing it for years. She always wanted to do it but never dared to. So I decided she should kick her first balls. We walked up to some loser named Tommy and told him in a very mean tone to open his legs. The poor guy allmost crapped his pants but he did as told. Natasha pulled her leg back and let it swing as hard as she could. The top her foot slammed straight into his balls. Poor Tommy went completely pale, fell down and rolled around crying. Half the playground was laughing at him. When we walked away I heard Natasha saying: “That was fun, Tomtom, we should do it again.” , who was still rolling around, clutching his bruised balls.

After that we busted him daily. We kicked, punched, squeezed his little balls constantly. When we were 14 for example, we were alone in the forest behind school and  I was talking to him while Natasha snuck up on him. Suddenly she grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back. He was very weak so she had no problem keeping him under controll. I pulled down his pants and briefs, exposing his little cock. He was rock hard, guess it was the first time a girl saw that little thing. It was 3 inches at most. He tried to fight back so I squeezed his balls as hard as I could. He let out a very high piched yellep and I told him to keep still and let us see or I would destroy one of his balls. He immediately stopped resisting. I played whit his cock for a while, constantly making fun of how small it is. Then we told him to lay down. Natasha sat down next to him and started jacking him off. He closed his eyes, probably thinking he was in heaven. Getting his reward for all the ballbusting. Her right hand slowly jacking him off while her left started to play with his balls. He opened his legs to give her more access. That was the moment I was waiting for. I grabbed a rock about the size of my fist . Natasha removed her hand and pulled his cock up so his balls were dangling completely free, right infront of his pelvic bone. I launched the rock with all my might and with a little luck managed to fully hit his right ball. His eyes sprung immediately wide open. His mouth open but there was no sound. He slowly rolled into foetus position and started crying. We laughed our asses off. Further humiliating him, asking him if he really thought we would be interested in that little cock. We laughed for several minutes before we left him there crying with his pants around his ankles. We didn’t see him for 2 weeks after that and when he finally came back to school everyone knew how small little Tommy was between his legs.

A couple months later we were sitting behind him during Spanish class. Now Spanish wasn’t the most popular course. It was in an old classroom in a completely different building as the rest of the school. There was only one classroom next door used for the religion classes but no one was there. We were only with 7 talking the course. 5 girls, including us and 2 boys. Now the teacher and the other boy were absent and since they trusted 5 good girls and quiet Tommy, they left us completely unsupervised for the entire hour. As soon as the teacher who told us all that left I grabbed Tommy’s arms and twist them behind his back, leading him out of his desk.  Natasha jumped in front of him, rubbed his little cock through his pants a few times before pulling it down all the way.  The other girls were shocked at the sudden attack but as soon as they’ve seen Tommy’s 3 inch hard on they all start laughing. Natasha ordered him to sit on his desk. He didn’t resist anymore. He knew it was pointless and so sat his naked ass down on his desk.  Natasha took off his shoes so she could remove his pants and briefs completely. She put them in her backpack, telling him he could have them back at the end of the period if he does what we want. Ofcourse he had to accept. The other girls were fascinated by all this so we invited them to join us for a closer look. They all eagerly accepted. None of them had ever seen a guys cock before.  They were all disappointed by his size though and so we explained them that since Tommy here was so ridicously small we use him mostly for ballbusting. They all looked very confused so I walked around little Tommy and took place next to him to show them. In ballbusting, I told them, a guy gives up his balls to a girl or a group of girls to hurt them anyway they want.  They were all a bit shocked but at the same time I could see a spark of interest in the eyes of all three. I continued, You can for example squeeze. At the same time squeezing his balls as hard as I could. He tried to protect himself but Natasha quickly grabbed his arms. Or you can punch, I went on, slamming my fist into his unprotected balls.  And finally, I finished up, everyone’s favored, the kick. Natasha led him to the walkway and told him to spread his legs. I let my leg swing and manage to hit his balls with the tip of my foot. Poor Tommy started crying and wanted to fall down but Natasha held him up for me. I walked up to him and launched my knee into his balls, crushing them against his pelvic bone. Natasha let go and Tommy fell and started rolling around, crying like a child. We all laughed. The other 3 girls were practically jumping up and down, eagerly waiting their turn at Tommy’s little balls. We kicked, punched and squeezed his balls non-stop during the rest of the period, giving it all we got. We didn’t care about his pain or even if we would destroy his balls. We were having too much fun busting his little balls, laughing at his little cock. He was begging for mercy but we didn’t listen. By the end of the period his balls were twice their size. We heard the bell. We all came back to reality a bit and some of the girls wondered if we went too far.  So we suggested to see if it still works. Spanish was the last class before our 10 minute break so we just stayed in the classroom while the other 3 girls jacked little Tommy off.  In a matter of minutes Tommy was shooting his cum all over his desk.  We made him lick it all up while we laughed at him. Suddenly Sarah grabbed one of his pens and pushed it up his ass.  He screamed, we laughed even harder.  He reached back to take it out but I told him to leave it in until he got home. Natasha reminded us it was almost time for the next class but I wanted one more good bust. I made him lie down on the floor, took off my right shoe and placed my heel on top off his balls. Once I had them locked I quickly shifted my entire weight, 48kg (168 pounds I think) pressing down on Tommy’s poor, little balls. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. Natasha warned me someone would hear but I didn’t care. I was in heaven, grinding his balls into the hard floor, feeling them being crushed against my skin. I started rubbing myself in my pants. It only took a couple of seconds until I had one of the best orgasms until today. I heard the bell again and quickly came out of it. We gave Tommy his pants and briefs back and left him crying on the floor of the classroom.

To be continued?